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2hot4u, a CH member, was banned on December 3rd of 2008. At the time of banishment, she was infamous on CH for her consistent flaming and illogical arguments. Although it only lasted for 2 weeks at the most, her time on CHU made her one of the most despised members of all time.

Scandals Edit

2hot4u is most remembered for attempting to get some moderators and prominent members banned in apparent revenge for her/his Stanged account being banned.  A day before her ban, 2hot4u claimed that she had cybered with two members and that they "were verbally abusive" towards him/her  The founders weren't so gullible as to believe her/him/it though, and thus 2hot4u was banned again.

2hot4u and Other Members Edit

Initially, 2hot4u was somewhat polite to those around her. She associated mostly with those who blogged frequently. Being adopted in the NAA gave her a popularity boost and after a while she gained her own little army of fanboys. It is still uncertain as to why so many people loved her blog. It was usually about her abusive husband, stupid boyfriend and cars.  She was an attention seeking leech that for some reason people flocked towards.

Fanboys aside, she initally associated with Chingy, FFQueen92, Latiosmaster47, jane29 and SWAT_Marine. After gaining fanbrats, the only member she showed an affection towards was greendaysuks136. Everyone else was pretty much ignored or worse. While greendaysuks136 has confirmed that 2hot4u is female, other members are not so sure.

She can be found on other websites, verbally abusing CheatHappens and her old friends.