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May 19, 2008

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Bes joined on May 19, 2009.  His original alias was bes4360 but he later changed it.  His first real hangout was the Pokemon Diamond message boards and he quickly made friends there.  His original group of buddies included pokecommander26, Niameq, Gogeta30294, and friend to this day, LoC_Leftie.  Bes's first real contributions to the site were a Pokemon clan (The PokeStars Guild) and a guide for MarioKart: Double Dash!!.  He first visited the general boards three months after he first joined and went on to become a very active member of the General Discussions and Off-Topic Discussions boards.  Bes left CHU temporairily over the summer of 09 due to family troubles.  His return brought many personality changes with it.  He began to post and act more maturely and has become well-liked by many users.

User quotes:

"bes4360- An active and outgoing member, reminds me of a younger chingy." --Latiosmaster47

"A rising star on the forums. Reminds me of a younger Chingy, and has the potential to be an uber-popular respected member like the Chingster too. Is a little thin skinned though, but he'll probably overcome that in time. Just try not to take stuff so seriously and you'll be fine" --Latiosmaster47

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Over his years at CHU, Bes has contributed several things.  He has written several FAQ's and Guides and has held several contests.  His first was the CHU Winter Games which was won by raha.  His prizes have included eBay gift cards and CHU Lifetime Unlimited Memberships.  His FAQ's and Guides have been well read with his Pokemon Diamond walkthrough recieving well over 10,000 views to date despite being incomplete.  He has also written a tutorial on in depth FAQ writing.

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