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December 8th 2006

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Chingy42007, Memento-X (ARG), Resolution-X


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Chingy-X, formerly known as Chingy42007 and Resolution-X, has been a CheatHappens member since December 8th, 2006. As well as being an active member in the CheatHappens community, Chingy is also very active in the world of machinima (movies created using game engines) and occasionally posts his films on the CheatHappens


Biography Edit

Chingy-X originally signed up as "Chingy42007" on December 8th, 2006 after browsing some cheats and wallpapers for the Need For Speed Carbon section. It is here that Chingy made his first post, helping other people out with various problems he or she may have had in beating the game or with a particular challenge. Chingy also adopted a self-imposed moniker of "The REAL DK", where DK stood for "Drift King". It is unknown why, but Chingy did post a few videos on YouTube showcasing his drift talent within the game.

After a few months, Chingy stumbled upon the General Discussions board where he started to be a part of the general CheatHappens community. Whilst more often than not he spammed on the boards (as there was no Off-Topic discussions board as there is now), Chingy contributed much to the community, and slowly became respected over time. He started to post FAQs and Walkthroughs for the Need For Speed game, each of them receiving no less than a 4/5 rating from other members. Subsequently, he was accepted into A.M.M.O. (a Halo-oriented CheatHappens clan of respected members where they can discuss or spam freely), despite not knowing a single thing about Halo and what it was about.

(more to come soon)