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Stuff a long time ago that Darkish can hardly remember Edit

In the middle of 2006, Darkish, at the young age of sixteen decided to join the wonderful site of Cheat Happens. The original alias was darkish_raven but was changed to Darkish when alias changes came about Cheat Happens.

Darkish first started posting on the Kingdom Hearts II board, which was at the time his favorite game and still is one of his favorite game series to this day. He quickly became somewhat popular there, participating in the quizzes and offering aid to anyone in need of assistance for the game.

Darkish then ventured into the General Discussion board, and started to become a regular member. Shortly thereafter, he noticed many members with the /--\ symbol in their signature, and asked the member forty-two what that was. He cannot remember what the message was, but after further investigation, he started posting on the AMMO board, and became a member.

After joining AMMO, joining the ranks of the almighty Authors was next on Darkish's to-do list. And that he did! His first Kingdom Hearts II submission was denied, however it was accepted after adding a lot more information and material to the guide. His second guide was his longest to date, which was a walkthrough for one of his all-time favorite games, Mafia. His third guide was about Final Fantasy I, the first game which he played on the Gameboy Micro.

However! Being a puny Author was not enough. After Halo 3 dropped into stores, Darkish wanted to write a Featured Guide for the game and became a Featured Author after doing so. Darkish worked long and hard on this guide, a lot of blood and finger cramps...well mostly just finger cramps...(he might have cut himself once while writing) was put into the writing of this guide.

However! Writing a Featured Guide was not enough. Darkish then proceeded to write a tutorial for the site, called "Random Yet Useful Information". And that it is, a guide of random, yet useful information.

Stuff not too long ago and Darkish can somewhat remember Edit

However! Writing a tutorial for the site was not enough. After about a year and a half from joining the site, Darkish wanted to become a moderator. And that he did! On September of 2008, moderator forty-two resigned from his position due to personal reasons, and the moderating staff unanimously voted me to be the next moderator.

Darkish continues to visit Cheat Happens and moderates the forum to this day.

Stuff that is pretty recent that Darkish can remember fairly well Edit

I went to the gym today...or was that yesterday?