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The First Account Edit

Hypergamer (shortened to Hyper) joined the CHU message boards sometime between May and June of 2007, and was swiftly banned. During the time before his ban, he talked mostly on the Pokemon Diamond boards and met Latiosmaster47. He also developed a relationship with member forty-two, accusing him of eating puppies whenever a topic of his got locked. Eventually, Hyper was banned for having multiple accounts (at the time of banning, he had somewhere around 6 extras).

The Second Account Edit

After he made a new account (Hyper8789), he was given a second chance. And swiftly banned for making more accounts. Because this was his second banned account, the founders IP banned him as well.

Early Stories Edit

Hyper, despite being banned, again became an active member of the community 6 months later. He typed out stories centered around CHU members, and sent them to moderator Neo7 in hopes that they'd be posted. They were, and members of the community enjoyed them. This raised Hyper's popularity, with members soon requesting that he be unbanned. A petition was made, and it eventually reached 25 signatures.

The Third Account Edit

Hyper was then unbanned because his IP address unexpectedly changed. The mods had pretty much forgotten who he was, so with a shrug they let him create a new account. This account was named Paradox9999, and is his current account. Later on, Paradox and his friends on XBL were thinking about changing his name to something hilarious, and eventually came to the decision to change it to 8=P=a=r=a=d=o=x=D. Darkish paid for this, because it was his idea to change his name from the get go. A few months down the road and 8=P=a=r=a=d=o=x=D was changed to the current name of Paradox.

A sketch of Hyper during his return as Paradox9999

His grammatical antics and continuous creation of stories were his defining features during this time. Hyper did not post much at all during this time, barely accumulating 50 posts over 3 months.

Oh Whoops Banned Again Edit

Hyper was once again banned sometime between January and December of 2008 (although it could've been 2009). He had parodied the blog of another member, and a complaint of this was the reason for his ban. Darkish then requested that his account be unbanned due to false claims on the reason he was banned, and during this time he upgraded to an Unlimited Membership.

Recent Activity Edit

Hyper continues to be an active member on CHU, continually writing more stories in his blog. He currently holds the 2009 Youngblood award, as well as the record for most times unbanned (he does not, however, hold the record for largest number of banned accounts. That record belongs to Cooper).  Regardless, Hyper continues to post on CHU to this day.