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Boonton NJ, USA



Chapter One: C_C Edit

On August 17th 2007, Captin_Crunch was born. During his brief life, his most notable topic was one asking for advice with girls. Most of the advice was poor, and is the reason you should never ask a CHUvian for love advice. It was on this topic that he encountered FFQueen92, who would later prove to be influential in his CHU Life.

His account was banned later that year for flaming and FAQ plagerism. During the time that he was inactive FFQ would frequently beg him to return, and made a petition to bring him back.

Chapter Two: planb Edit

March 6th 2008, or Doomsday. The day C_C returned, but under a new name. His name was not all that had changed, so had his posting. The birth of Off-Topic Discussions showed planb's spamming ways. He posted everywhere and anywhere, sometimes simply posting "oh" or a smiley. In fact, he only made one serious topic; regarding Travis Barker's accident. Other than that, his posts were light-hearted and lacked any real thought. The only thing stopping the belief that he was only a mindless spammer was his blog, where he would write about the girl he was "in love with".

planb was also the one responsible for the breaking down of The Family, with his inability to keep a parent and his obsession with adopting and marrying members. He and Bboy are the only members to have a CHU civil partnership. His former CHU parents are: Shibby, TMH and Darkish. Currently his parent is FFQueen92. He is also married to elle_sweetheart.

Chapter Three: planC Edit

After bearing the title of "resident spammer" for many months, planb finally decided to change. He dubbed himself "planC" and made fewer spam posts. He blogged more than he posted, and frequently typed "<3" after the name of a member. He promised change, and he delivered. We are currently in the planC era.

Despite the changes in his behaviour, planb still bears the same lovable personality that he had upon joining.

Random Trivia Edit

  • planb's favourite drink is Red Bull.
  • planb says his best friends on-site are staindredglass, FFQueen92 and greendaysuks136
  • planb lives in New Jersey.
  • planb is really bad with girls.
  • planb has a crush on Taylor Swift
  • He is a Blink 182 fanboy.
  • He has a dog.
  • planb should not be fed after midnight.
  • planb is non-refundable.
  • If you get a rash, stop eating planb Spam.
  • planb is secretly a spy sent to Earth by Martians.
  • Only use planb with a responsible adult present.
  • Do not give planb beer.
  • planb is really, really bad with girls.
  • planb has not starred in a Latios comic.
  • planb no longer types in italics, which we are all thankful for.