The Adoption Agency Edit

The Newb Adoption Agency (or NAA) was created with the hopes of newer members finding someone experienced to show them the ropes. This shortened the period a member spent making mistakes and breaking the odd rule. A parent was responsible to inform their child of the board rules, and occasionally provide information. Should a member experience a problem, they would usually go to their parent for help.

The Family Edit

Although mostly for appearance, the NAA created a family bond between members. Those related to one another through the NAA usually became friends, and wrote things in their signatures like "Proud parent of _______". Generally, those who were related in some way formed friendship groups. NAA siblings were even somewhat affectionate, despite them only being sblings online.

Marriages Edit

It later developed into marriages between members. Initially only males and females married:

  • Serivor and Arhey
  • Raha and Jane29(now divorced)
  • Planbskater and Elle_sweetheart
  • TMH and EZEEE

However, during the mass convos of Fall 2008 the following occured:

  • Planbskater and Bboy4life
  • Besonator and xxjjrockerxx
  • FFQueen92 and Malyg (followed by a quick divorce)
  • FFQueen92 and Darth_Wright
  • FFQueen92 and Fault2k

The only marriages still intact are Serivor and Arhey, Planbskater and Elle_sweetheart,  Planbskater and Bboy4life, and Besonator and xxjjrockerxx. Following the end of the NAA, Malyg and Lamile married, as did Chingy-X and pheephee.

The End Edit

The Family Tree met it's demise due to the marriages. These pairings of members not only caused adoptions to clash due to generation differences, but also spurred an adoption craze that spawned the Family of Random Deeds. With the lines on the tree mixed up and several inbred offspring, the NAA eventually ended. While most still hold onto the NAA with mentions of it in signatures, adoptions rarely take place.

The NAA was replaced with a new scheme, though this has not been as popular as the NAA. Adoptions take place now and then, but without the NAA topic around anymore, these are rare. While parents and children could not be torn apart, the lack of growth in the family tree caused it to wither somewhat.

The Tree Edit

During the adoption craze lamile chose to take on a seemingly impossible task. She made an image to show the family tree. While it is inaccurate in some places, it is a good representation of the size of The Family at that point. The images can be found here.