Started by Insomniac in the Fall of 2007, the User Awards (or Usies for short) are annual awards rewarding members who have contributed the most in the past year.  The Usies are voted upon each year by the current moderators, and typically a unanimous decision must be agreed upon before the final results are posted.  The latest usies have included four awards, the Youngblood award, given to the best contributing person with an account age under a year old, the Thread of the Year award, given to the OP of the best maintained and best contributing thread of the year, the Blog of the year, given to the blogger with the best overall content that year, and the User of the Year, the highest honor, given to the overall best member for that year.

List of previous Usie winners:

Youngblood of the Year: Chingy42007 (2007), Dancer087 (2008), Paradox9999 (2009)

Thread of the Year: Ryan-, CHUUL (2007), Ryan- CHUUL (2008), AdmiralThrawn, Movies Seen Recently (2009)

Blog of the Year: N/A (2007), Dhampy (2008), forty-two (2009)

User of the Year: potato_chips (2007), Latiosmaster47 (2008), jane29 (2009)

Fun Facts:

All user of the year winners didn't make the final nominations in any category in the previous year

No user has won two awards in the same year

Dhampy holds the record for most nominations for an award that he didn't win (youngblood) with 21