CheatHappens Mega Trainer for Fallout 3 v1.4.0.6

What is a Trainer?

A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of a game. Trainers usually have to be running in memory the entire time the game is loaded. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they usually only support a specific version of a game. This file is not supported in multiplayer or online games.

Can't these be used to cheat online?

No, nor does cheathappens condone such things. We may be cheaters, but we aren't bastard cheaters.

Why should I pay to get these Trainers?

Trainers are by no means easy to make, and take a long time, especially with todays games which become considerably harder to crack. Alot of time is put into this, and even so, Cheathappens produces quality trainers, quickly and generally produces an average of 30-40 trainers a month. The money is also needed to buy the games so they can train them.

Hey! My computer says that the trainer is a virus!

What you are getting is known as a false positive. Trainers are made to intercept and edit data, similar to a virus. Trainers are scanned before they are published, so no need to worry.

Can I make my own trainers?

Yes, you can make your own trainer by using some of following: Cheat Engine, Trainer Maker Kit, and/or T-search. Cheat Engine is highly reccommended.

Boy, this trainer making is hard! I need help!

Cheathappens offers several tutorials and help guides in the tutorials section.

Trainer Manager Edit

The Cheat Happens Trainer Manager   (Link needs update) will help you keep track of all your PC trainers, both from Cheat Happens and other groups. This application has the added benefit of letting you know when trainers downloaded from Cheat Happens have been updated for quick download. It also has a special Trainer Search, which can be used to search for trainers using a custom Google search of popular trainer resources or search only the Cheat Happens database. The Trainer Manager can also be used as a browser and a trainer customizer, which allows a trainer's hotkeys to be customized by the end user. The trainer must be compatible and is typically marked as "CUSTOMIZABLE" somewhere on the trainer itself.
Cheathappens trainermanager

Cheat Happens Trainer Manager v1.008